Nardin Moonstruck Watch Review

Like anyone with a penchant for finding science fascinating, I am curious about the sky. Celestial movements up above might not matter much in my daily life, but that doesn’t stop me from being interested in most things related to astronomy.

For me it is a constant reminder of what our place as humans is in the universe. We are but a speck in the larger scale of the cosmos, and that is somehow comforting to think about when I begin to take my own life too seriously. Astronomy is also the basis of all time.

No, not from a physics standpoint exactly, but certainly from a social measuring standpoint. All forms of civilly measured time relates back to some predictable pattern in the sky. For that reason, timepieces and astronomy have always been intrinsically linked.

Tisson Seastar Watch Review

I have known about Seiko for years, indeed since my years in Aden, Yemen, when one of my relatives Qassem Abdo Ghanem won the agency for that country and it soon became a best seller because it was cheap in price and also a good watch. The other watch was the West End, made in Switzerland.

Al-Husseini also had its agency together with Orient and the Indian Titan, which is fairly popular among the Indian community here. The group is at present one of the top Saudi companies ranking 81 out of the top l00 and has 10 branches plus 3,000 dealers in the country.

The company was established in l950 and soon Sheikh Abdul Rahman heard about the watch market in Kuwait and went there to buy 40 pieces that he could not sell in the Saudi market except after a long time.

Audiotech Vision Review

Embodying the company’s latest transducer technology, the ATH-M50 headphones offer the highest level of sonic accuracy. The ATH-M50’s innovative design was engineered to provide hours of maximum comfort in applications ranging from broadcast to studio/recording uses.

The ATH-M50 headphones feature an efficient collapsible design ideal for easy portability and convenient storage. Employing Audio-Technica’s proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnet systems and CCAW voice coils, the ATH-M50 headphones have exceptional power handling and very high SPL capabilities while delivering clear, natural, accurate sound with impactful bass and high-frequency extension.

The headphones also feature a closed-back cushioned earcup, providing exceptional clarity and superior isolation in high-volume listening situations. In addition, the circumaural earpieces swivel a full 180 degrees for easy one-ear monitoring.

Iphone 6 Review

Available in multiple colors, these contoured and custom fit cases provide unparalleled corner protection, while leaving the ports and camera available for in case use. A convenient push release stand offers both horizontal and vertical viewing options, perfect for using FaceTime.

When not in use, the stand snaps back into place and lays flat against the back panel of the Exo iPhone 5 Case. The BX2 protection system incorporates a high performance foam, which offers an extremely high degree of shock absorption and energy dispersion, providing unparalleled drop and impact protection.

The BX2 protection system absorbs maximum impact and maintains shape and performance for the life of the product. The new Exo case from Brenthaven provides peace of mind when carrying an iPhone 5.

Angry Birds Trilogy [review]

Okay, look, I know that many of you have probably had your fill of Angry Birds over the years, but it looks like more than a few of you still can’t get enough of the disgruntled fowl. Activision and Rovio Entertainment have announced that the console version of Angry Birds Trilogy has officially swooped past the one million units sold mark, a number that will only increase as the developer/publisher duo announce plans to bring the game to the Wii family of consoles later this year.

Angry Birds trilogy originally launched back in Sept. 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS. The game proper included the three main titles in the series including the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. That amounted to around 700-plus levels of bird flinging action, complete with all new animations, HD graphics and interactive backgrounds.

Later in the year, the Anger Management DLC dropped, offering another 130 levels from previous Angry Birds updates, usually revolving around holiday themes.

Super House of Dead Review

Return to the Ziggurat of Infinium, the cursed fortress of evil randomly-generated levels means endless replayability 180 custom rooms, 50 of which are new to this edition dozens of weapons and item upgrades, many seen here for the first time.

Slay eight terrifying bosses and 49 dastardly enemies, including a deadly exploding mushroom transdimensional Leakage: a bizarre new tower to explore upgraded music and sound effects powered by the Ninjinity Engine.

Play full-screen like a true ninja map Editor: design your own levels and share via Steamworks leaderboards: bask in the envy of others as you crush their high scores customize your ninja with new colors and outfits, with thousands of combinations.

Aliens: Colonial Marines 2 Review

Specifically, taking place 17 weeks after the movie’s story, a distress signal sent by Cpl. Dwayne Hicks takes a squad of soldiers aboard the orbiting, seemingly abandoned ship the U.S.S. Sulaco and eventually down to the planet LV-426.

On the surface, the team explores the ill-fated colony Hadley’s Hope as they uncover another massacre in the making and potential threat to humanity.

Of course, that threat is the Alien species, more commonly called the Xenomorph. A player encounters its various incarnations on a gory and occasionally scary quest to find survivors and answers.

World Of Goo – Best review

This is a great physics based puzzle game where you have to connect blobs of goo together to reach the end of the level. Its quite good but I lack the patience to play it, it can be very hard at some points. Still the graphics are colourful and easy on the eyes and its fun in short bursts.

The levels mix the gameplay up as well with there sometimes being different types of goo which act differently to others or in some levels you have to us balloons to help the goo stay afloat.

Not sure what else to say about this game really, if you like well made physics based puzzle games then check this out but don’t expect it to be easy.

Crysis 5 [review]

The Crysis 3 Weapons trailer includes a glimpse at many of the weapons within the game including the Typhoon Minigun that is capable of firing 500 rounds per minute. Watch the Crysis 3 weapons trailer after the jump to see it in action.

Crysis 3 continues the proud tradition of having the most advanced firepower available in a FPS. Whether you choose to use the strong & stealthy Predator Bow, the 500-rounds-a-second Typhoon Minigun, or the alien powered X-Pac plasma cannon, Crysis 3 will let you hunt down your prey with the finest in lethal weaponry.

Gamers looking forward to the arrival of the new Crysis 3 game on PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3 tomorrow, are sure to enjoy this teaser trailer detailing the weaponary you can expect to play with in the new Crysis 3 game.

Bread The Brave [review]

What a game! Seriously not just one of the best Indie game on the xbox live arcade but one of the best games ever made full stop. I even own it twice (on my mac and my xbox). The graphical style is fantastic and so is the gameplay.

The game is a 2d side scroller with the aim to collect puzzle pieces and ultimately find the hero’s “princess”. The gameplay is made up of a cross between puzzle and platforming gameplay, to get puzzle pieces you often need to find using the ability to rewind time.

If feels rewarding to figure out how to collect the puzzle pieces and bringing it all together to make a complete puzzle at the end. The game also makes some cool references to other 2D side scroller games like Mario.